Sivert Høyem - Aim For The Heart

Sivert Høyem - Aim For The Heart

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SIVERT HØYEM - AIM FOR THE HEART Sivert Høyem is releasing the single "Aim For The Heart" via Warner Music on October 13th. This is the second single from the upcoming album "On an Island", which will be released in the new year. Where his previous song "The Rust" was dark and desolate, "Aim For The Heart" stands out as the clearest pop song from the album. Here we hear twists and turns that bring to mind Bryan Ferry mixed with some details that carry a Latin or Mexican touch. Vocally, Sivert proves through these two released songs, among others, that he can sing like an angel when he wants to and like a devil when he needs to. In September 2021, Sivert and his collaborators moved into the old parish hall, Zoar, in Nyksund, and set up a makeshift studio. It all originated from an idea of doing something "simple and stripped down" with engineer Bjarne Stensli. "On an Island" was created in spectacular surroundings, in what was once Vesterålen's second largest fishing village. The core of the album was recorded in a hectic 14-day session, mostly as a trio (Sivert, co-producer Christer Knutsen and drummer Børge Fjordheim) and mixed by industry legend, Tchad Blake. There is a strong emphasis on live performance, and accidental noises, creaking floor boards and the sound of possible ghosts are all kept in the mix. It sounds timeless, immediate and raw, like you’re being transported to Vesterålen in September, when the nights are long and cold.